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Recent Exhibitions

Insignificant Meaningful

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei Taiwan

Exhibition Period: 4 October - 8 December 2019

Grandma has told me once about her migration from China over 100 years ago. She travelled through Malaya, Penang, continue to Thailand and stop at Ayutthaya. That was a journey of hope, a voyage they wish to find out a better future.

“Insignificant Meaningful” demonstrate a vehicle that was merged from everyday objects of different cultures — Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay and Peranakan. Pieces of lunch boxes, thermos flasks, vases, plates and bowls — all of them were used in daily life by those ordinary people.

This vehicle represents the diversity and multitude which is the connection between the past and the future.

- Torlarp Larpjaroensook

DSCF2593 copy.jpg

Insignificant Meaningful

Esplanade Concourse, Singapore

Exhibition Period: 19 April - 14 July 2019

Facing the rise of political movements with nationalist claims around the world, Torlarp Larpjaroensook utilises ordinary objects symbolic of different Asian countries and cultures to remind us of the syncretic nature of our societies. Larpjaroensook assembles everyday objects such as lunch boxes, thermos flasks, vases, plates and bowls made from a variety of materials like ceramic, enamel and wood. This diversity and multitude of artefacts are reflective of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay and Peranakan cultures. Though they seem insignificant in appearance, these found objects from daily life are charged with meaning as they tell the past, present and future stories of those who owned and used them. Viewed in its entirety as a single ensemble, the installation becomes a timeless metaphor for human migration.

- Esplanade Concourse's Statement


Article by Jirat Prasertsup

The ark of Torlarp Larpjaroensook
From his grandmother’s spiritual spaceship to a memory-filled Noah’s ark
The term “collage art” is frequently used to designate two-dimensional works of art, often a montage of photographs, paintings or drawings. For such a reason, Torlarp Larpjaroensook finds it an ill-adapted label when it comes to discussing his practice. However, if you mention to him the phrase “collage sculpture”, he will be more than pleased to talk you through his works, which involve the assemblage of miscellaneous objects and materials into three- dimensional structures.



Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

Spiritual Spaceship (installation) for Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

Exhibition Period: 19 October 2018 - 3 February 2019

A scene from the past, a wooden house by the Chao Chet Canal in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, a nostalgic image of Amah (Grandma) during the Moon Festival (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) made me question the communication between Earthlings and celestial beings. Several explanations of the mysteriously vast universe were offered, yet the belief still journeyed across the sea, anchored, then settled on the land where hope remains.

Spiritual space ship by torlarp (37).jpg

On the other side of the land, modern advancement has developed a propulsion mechanism capable of conquering astronomical objects, even leading to a footprint left on the moon. Yet, this development could not diminish the value of custom. The inspiration and the hope received through blessings from the sky work in parallel with tangible mechanical progress.

Our experiences link and shape the past in order to pave a new path to deliver us to the present. Time might compel us to glance in a flash or to forget the existence of that which we see. From that point on, vases, drawers, and antique wooden cabinets, all take me back to the past. The recovering of the past leads to the integration of science with the experience of the unknown which results in the assemblage of this vehicle capable of travelling back to the self beyond the time connection point.


Conscious that the present is the past of the future, the present of the past then means the root of self. Even when technology takes us a million light-year further, the border of the universe remains beyond reach. This vehicle propels back toward the opposite direction, with the belief as its fuel, taking us back to where hope still lingers.


Spiritual Spaceship by Torlarp Larpjaroensook

LARPJAROENSOOK Torlarp_BC2820_Mixed medi


“I - solated Beings”  (installation)  at  Subhashok The Arts Centre,  Bangkok, Thailand
Exhibition Period :17 March – 22 April 2018

The U.S.O., also known as the Unidentified Standing Object, was converted from an old water tank. It is habitable and is able to be transported into new environments to create connections and share its experience in relations to the surrounding. Its identity is defined by the context and environment it is located: it may be referred to as a tent in the middle of the woods; a temporary shelter for a construction site; a sculpture inside an art gallery; or it could simply be an old, abandoned water tank from an apartment, depending on how the viewers place its values.


Naturally, as humans, we all need ‘safety’.

Beyond the skin that envelope and the clothes that wrap us, we build shelter to protect ourselves from danger.


We all have our own world, beliefs and dreams. The outlook of the U.S.O. may seem like a strange object as though it came from another planet, yet at the same time it builds a new experience and connecting its alienated self and the personal space (inside the U.S.O.) with the public space (outside of the U.S.O.).

“We are each other’s aliens”, therefore differences are not the things to be feared of.



This project begins with combination of ideas, firstly the idea that related to climate similarity between countries are located in tropical world zone. Secondly, the idea of new experimenting paint which affected by natural cause.
Air Border New project.JPG
Air Border New project2.JPG

Artist is just a part of painting process because completion of art relies on uncontrollable natural phenomenon as well. We, as human nature, are all shar- ing the same climate even though reside in different country. The thing such a border line would in fact be illusion, as we are all facing terror of those uncon- trollable natural phenomenon.

Technique: By using whether chart of tropical world zone during storm period as a painting outline then bending steel wired along those lines on the can- vases. The paintings are left outdoor for the Sun, air, rain and other natural phenomenon to oxidize those wires and give a result with new rusty image that effect on the existed colors.

The journey of switchhead


Besto Boy(Holder) & Veena Girl(Holdy)4.J

History - Bestto Boy is a switch light, made in an 
eletronic factory located in the suburb area of Osaka.
One day, the factory was hit by a big thunder storm .
After that, Bestto boy and his brother were splashed away. 
Present-Bestto Boy is resurrected. He was again found in an 
eletrical supply shop in Chiang Mai - Hang Dong Road,
Chiang Mai,Thailand 
Sine then,Bestto boy has the phobia for thunder.
Bestto like fishes but scared of water.
Bestto Boy is confused whether he is AC or DC.


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