Air Border

Begins of Air Border:

  This project begins with combination of ideas, firstly the idea that related to climate similarity between countries are locatedin tropical world zone. Secondly, the idea of new experimenting paint which affected by natural cause.


  Artist is just a part of painting process, because completion of an art relies on uncontrollable natural phenomenon as well.We, as human nature are all sharing the same climate, even though reside in different countries.The thing such a borderlines would in fact be illusion, as we are all facing terror of those uncontrollable natural phenomenon affect.





  By using weather chart of tropical world zone during storm period as painting outline then bended steel wired along thoselines on painted canvases, leave them outdoor and let air, sun, rain and other natural phenomenon oxidizing those wireswhich results new rusty images that effect to exist colors.

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Air Border Series
"Still, we are continuing to enlarge, expand the land and territory we occupy, the land that exist before we are”

While difference of race, language, culture and appearance are created by nature but timeline is defined by different criteria of human’s measurement. Even though, it seems that these differences bring limitation and create wall between them, butnature always creates the way for human to connect with each other. As we all breath the same air, connection we have through the air became a significant inspiration of“Air Boarder.” A series of 24 mixed media paintings, express an intimate relationshipbetween human and nature as “No border above on the sky.”

The work was initially painted on canvas and has later developed to metal plates combines with bended, twisted, coiled and welded iron. So the final finishing has familiar outline which many people found out that Weather map of each day they are created and began the work.

“We led the nature to finish their work”.

Heat from the sun, dusty air, drops of rain that brought smell of fresh grass to our sense. Those daily weather events are the great artists. We as human, are only their tools to create art pieces.

The imperfect condition of nature, in some way, is perfect. The surface of cracked paint, rust on the metal plate are natural effects expressing its role of either created and destroyed. The outcome painting appears as an imaginary emerging continent.“The land that exist before any border line.

”These creations are undefinable border and nourishment, which link 2 countries and continents together. Strangely, human’s artificial border, on the other hand, creates endless conflicts for all of us.

“I wanted to show how the nature influences our life. Every painting of Air Border Series is a diary I use to record daily weather condition. Nature both creates and corrupts. Some pieces have gone through the weather during the hottest period of Thailand. Those events are all recorded on the paintings.” Said artist.

Air Border series is art pieces crafted by the willingness of nature and the artist. It’s the project which takes out the human identity and communicates about the valueAs we are only a tiny part in this universe, shouldn’t it be better to learn to live together?A

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