SPIRITUAL SPACESHIP ADM  Gallery ,Singapore (2017)


Spiritual Spaceship

Spiritual Spaceship is part of a larger narrative that the artist, also known as Hern,has developed alongside characters that he created - Besto Boy and Veena Girl. The humanoid pair whose facial features are defined by the humble electrical switch are part of Hern’s universe, on a space odyssey to connect the past and future on a time-travel machine.Made of antique teak cabinets, circuit boards and Thai decorative items, the assemblage is also a homage to Hern’s grandmother. Through the work, the artist parallels modern man’s aspirations of moon travel, to an older generation of Thai people, of which the moon, as a symbol of religious devotion, bears a different divine meaning. Spiritual Spaceship is propelled by prayer lamps and traditional Thai vases that the artist reconstructed, and can be seen as the artist’s reflections on divergent notions of faith: the Western world’s emphasis on science and technology,and the Southeast Asian sympathy for tradition and folklore.The work developed as a way that enables the artist to combine found material, Thai tradition and contemporary aspirations, allowing the artist to investigate the relativity of function, meaning and symbolism in the relationship between object and art-making.