Torlarp  Larpjaroensook

      Born on December 9th, 1977, he was raised in a houseboat in Ayutthaya. He studied art at the college of Fine Arts, Bangkok. Later on, he graduated a Bachelor degree with a major in painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University.

             Torlarp Larpjaroensook is a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in the integration of various techniques; painting, sculpture, installation and interactive art to connect art to wider audience. In 2008, he established Gallery Seescape in Chiang Mai in order to create interaction between people and art. In 2009, he set up a mobile gallery project called “3147966” in collaboration with other   international artists to bring art to local communities. In 2011, he had a solo exhibition “Bookshelf” at 8Q Singapore Art Museum where his work was collected by Singapore Art Museum. In 2012, his solo exhibition “In Progress” was exhibited at Richard Koh Fine Art Gallery, Singapore. He also was one of a selected Artist in Residency of Koganecho Bazaar Yokohama project (Japan) and created an installation art called “Live there life here” aimed to connect people and different places with art. Torlarp is now based in Chaing Mai, Thailand where he runs Gallery Seescape and actively create his new series of work.

Solo Exhibition:

2019  - “Insignificant Meaningful” at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

2015 - “The Journey of Switchhead: Hidden Lab” (installation) at Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 - “The Journey of Switchhead: Send Mom to The Moon” (installation) at Gallery Seescape,                      Chiang Mai, Thailand

2014 - “No dinning together” (installation) at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2013 - “Live there life here” (installation) at Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan

          - “Live there life here” (installation) at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2012 - “In Progress” (installation) at Richard Koh Fine Art Gallery, Singapore

2011 - “Bookshelf” (installation) at 8Q Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

             (Collection of Singapore Art Museum)

2010 - “Place it there” (painting), solo exhibition at Bo{ok}hemian Art Space, Phuket, Thailand

2009 - “Fix2” (painting) at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Group Exhibition:

2019 - “City Flip-Flop” at C-LAB, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 - “Metaphorical Landscapes” at Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2018 - “Spiritual Spaceship” (installation) at Bangkok Art Biennale,  Bangkok, Thailand

2018 - “I – solated Beings” (installation) at S.A.C Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 - “Spiritual Spaceship” (installation) at ADM Gallery, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

          - “Man & God” (Installation) at Tribes Community, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 - “Tracing the Post - An Insight into Thai contemporary art scene” (installation) at nca (Nichido Contemporary Art), Tokyo, Japan

2015 - “Tropikos” at HOF Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 - “Medium at Large” at SAM:  Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

          - “Chiang Mai Design Week” Chiang Mai, Thailand

          - “Hotel Art Fair 2014” at LUXX hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 - “We-Low Gallery” by NARA Yoshitomo + MORIKITA Shin + AOKI Kazuhiro + ISHIDA Shiori + SAKAI Yumeko at Aichi Triennale 2013, Nagoya, Japan

          - “Phamacide Arts” at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 - “80 YEARS 2475: Don’t talk the Truth of an Uncertainly Dream” Gallery Seescape in corroborate with VER Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

          - “Northern light” at Arteral, Sydney, Australia

          - “20 kilos project” (session 2) at Artspace MITE-Ugro, Gwanju, South Korea

          - “Nike Better World” at 180 Orchard Road, Singapore

2011 - “Chiangmai Now” at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand

          - “Phamecide Art Regional Exhibition” Environmental art project, France

          - “20 kilos project” at Artry Gallery Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

          - “Gold fieber” at SNO center, Sydney, Australia

Design space:

- Chiang Mai city Arts & Cultural Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

- Suk Jai (Thai Restaurant), Sydney, Australia

- Middle Fish (Cafe), Melbourne, Australia

- Mister Nice Guy (Cafe and Restaurant), Melbourne, Australia

- iBerry (Future park), Bangkok, Thailand


- Gallery Seescape (Alternative Art Space), Chiang Mai, Thailand (2008)

- 3147966 Mobile Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2009)

- Seescape Artist Residency, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2011)

- Hern Shop, Melbourne, Australia (2014)

- Co-founder SS1254372 Cafe, Art and Eatery Space, Chiang Mai, 

    Thailand (2015)

 © Torlarp larpjaroensook Alright Reserved  

Chiang Mai , Thailand , 50200