LIVE THERE LIFE HERE  Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan (2013)


LIVE THERE, LIFE HERE plays with the connotations of both "art" and "art space."  Artworks usually depend on three ingredients: people, art objects, and space.  Many contemporary artists create art by pointing at an object--framing it, so to speak, within the space of a gallery--and thereby redefining an everyday object as art.  This act of re-framing creates a new meaning.  In Torlarp's installation, however, the meaning is revealed through redefining space, not object. Furthermore, rather than giving pre-existing objects a new function as art, here Torlarp strips everyday objects of their functionality by turning them into paintings.  The viewer is surrounded by non-working objects, rendered useless in this painted form: a ladder, a chair, an entire van.  Rather than the well-known formula of "object becomes art," in this installation "art becomes object."