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Chiang Mai , Thailand , 50200


Bangkok Art Biennale ,BACC Thailand (2018)

Spiritual Spaceship 2018

A scene from the past, a wooden house by the Chao Chet Canal in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, a nostalgic image of Amah (Grandma) during the Moon Festival (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) made me question the communication between Earthlings and celestial beings. Several explanations of the mysteriously vast universe were offered, yet the belief still journeyed across the sea, anchored, then settled on the land where hope remains. 

On the other side of the land, modern advancement has developed a propulsion mechanism capable of conquering astronomical objects, even leading to a footprint left on the moon. Yet, this development could not diminish the value of custom. The inspiration and the hope received through blessings from the sky work in parallel with tangible mechanical progress. 

Our experiences link and shape the past in order to pave a new path to deliver us to the present. Time might compel us to glance in a flash or to forget the existence of that which we see. From that point on, vases, drawers, and antique wooden cabinets, all take me back to the past. The recovering of the past leads to the integration of science with the experience of the unknown which results in the assemblage of this vehicle capable of travelling back to the self beyond the time connection point.


Conscious that the present is the past of the future, the present of the past then means the root of self. Even when technology takes us a million light-year further, the border of the universe remains beyond reach. This vehicle propels back toward the opposite direction, with the belief as its fuel, taking us back to where hope still lingers.