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Plot Elements 2017

Life… endless line

Drawings nourish stories 


Currently, there is still a solid reason to continue the element of plot through the point within various movements and directions, which the author sometimes chooses or be chosen to do it inevitably. The (main) story employs various rhythms of life through the lines which are responded to eyes’ perception, by materializing multiple forms of truth through conceptual to visual elements. Value and shadow have been removed from realistic approach in order to reach my own achievement. Once you glance into, line by line, feelings arise - peaceful, prudent, solemn, sweet, vulnerable, hesitated, determined (or the attempt of determination), disappointed, lost, sick, and mad. New perspectives are built while our eyes are reading thoroughly line by line. Each element of plot reveals a short story that everyone will interpret with his own understanding.


-Breathing again-   

Each moment of life that I dream to be or sometimes be forced to be, when I look back to those complicated lines and directions, at least now, they have equal meaning. The current ending plot is continuing to create the next lines. As we are aware of our breath, we look into possible sequences of lines, which portray the steps of life through the element of plot. Black-white, virtue-sin, happy-sorrow (life is rather gray) and the features of intense, light and sufficient lines seem to be cohered rather than separated by other elements of plot. It can be seen elaborately in the deeper level. It can be compared to the drawing lines in fine arts which are categorized as following; actual line, implied line, psychic line and line formed by edges. By linking the contrast of darkness and brightness, the diversity and complexity of the lines embrace the soul.

-Breathing in and breathing out-

No matter how my drawings will be, no matter how the story of my life will be, I try to simplify them. In my drawings, my intention is to create the obviousness from invisible lines.


Worawut Satjaporamet, Chol Janepraphaphan, Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, Tirawat Sangphueng, P.S. Publishing and Gallery Seescape



อุเทน มหามิตร




Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University

Solo Exhibitions

2017 "Plot Element", Gallery Seascape, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 “Physical Evidence” INK & LION Café, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 "Art Market" Office of Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2007 "Paintings from Children of the Andaman," Koh Lan Tah Island, Thailand

2006 "The Dam Project Protest Exhibition," Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand

2005 "Thai Home Interruption Art," Soffinset Village, Norway

2005 "One Year Project Art Exhibition," UMong Silapatam Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2005 "Portraits of Bacteria," Galehgalon Bookshop and Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand

2004 "Art for the Hmong People of the Mountains," Chiang Mai, Thailand

2004 "Painting To Be a Book," Umong Silpadhamma Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2003 "The Mist-Kissed Mountain," Wongsanit Ashram, Nakon Nayok, Thailand

2001 "The Sea," Wangsanit Ashram, Nakon Nayok, Thailand

2000 "Watercolor Exhibition," Landscape of Wongsanit Ashram, Nakon Nayok, Thailand

1999 "Watercolor Landscapes of Phayao," Phayao, Thailand

1998 "Art Thesis," Chiang Mai University Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Work Experience

2008 Freelance Artist, Writer, Painter, Illustrator, 1999-present

2008 Painter, Phayao Library Community, Phayao

2007 Interior Designer and Painter, Norbulinka Café, Phayao

2005 Art Director, North Net NGO, Hill Tribe Community Project, Chiang Mai

1999 Landscape Painter, Environmental Development Foundation, Phayao



2004-2005 Visiting Fellow, One Year Project, The Land Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2000-2003 Artist-In-Residence, Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation, Assom Wongsanit Intentional Peace Community, Nakon Nayok, Thailand



2006 Artist and Teacher (Art therapy with Andamen minority children after the '04 tsunami),

Chumchon Thai Foundation NGO, Southern Thailand


Grants and Awards

2007 Indy Book Festival 4, Bangkok, Thailand

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